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May 10, 2022  --  Two machines that were lost in the museum have just been found...

Because we love you we are happy to release our two brand new chapters for Machinika today, for free. :)
Just update your game (through the App Store, Play Store, or Steam launcher) and you will get them.

> If you have already finished the game : you can find the new chapters in the Chapter Selection menu. (chapters 7 & 8)
> And if you haven't finished the game yet : just play it normally, and you'll find them.

We know many of you are asking for Machinika 2, so we hope this will help you wait... ;)
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May 6, 2022  --  Something new is coming...

One year ago we released Machinika Museum. And today are excited to announce that *next week* we will release two brand new chapters ! They will be available on tuesday, may 10, for iOS, Android and Steam.
We have been working on this for a while: they are big chapters and they are full of surprises. We can't wait till you play them.

And they will be free. :) (if you already have the game. And if you don't have the game, go get it! ;)

- - -
April 20, 2021  --  Machinika Museum is out now on PC, iOS & Android!

Here we are ! After nearly four years of hard work, Machinika is finally available ! :)
We have partnered with the great guys at PID Games to bring Machinika online and you can find it on the App Store, on the Play Store, and on Steam.

Also, have a look at our brand new trailer.

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